Tempering Expectations + Hopeful Monthly Releases Soon

We'll be aiming for it, but don't want to make any promises. Before we go into further details, let's temper expectations.

1st of all, things will be heavily scaled back than what the game was. This does mean content and limiting freedom at first. Why? Well with the new engine change and the change of coder, we have to catch him up on everything. While the words and easily be reformatted to fit renpy and then slowly brought over, everything else, not so much. 

The lovable walrus needs to know how everything works and we have to go back and forth on everything to see how it'll properly fit in the new engine (meaning things will change), along with including somethings he would enjoy as well. Don't want him to feel like he isn't a part of the team, which means getting hits thoughts and ideas in as well.

The other thing is that all of the art needs to be edited to fit for Renpy. We can't have a Zorro bigger than a Gen, nor can we have Brass taking up the whole screen and then some. Not to mention, we'll have to change a number of characters throughout the upcoming months for proper layering. It's going to be a slow process at first, but once everything is back in a normal routine, it'll come faster.

So with that, as mentioned before with the whole chapter thing to slowly introduce each system, we'll be throwing out chapter 1 for everyone to see + some extra content to chew through after it's done. With each month passing, we'll be throwing out parts of chapters. With chapter 1 being the shortest, and the end of chapter 3 being where the player has much more freedom like they used to.

This doesn't mean all of the areas will be open, that won't come till later once art, among other things, are ready for each area. We want this to have a better structure so people aren't so confused when going into everything, and follow a main storyline that people aren't confused if they're doing or it's another random thing out in the world. Easier way to have things unlocked, normal ways to find all the things.

Like stated before, this doesn't mean the player just goes through the storyline and they'll meet everyone and everything is unlocked from them to see. Not by all means.  The kinks and systems to do things will be unlocked, it'll still be left up for the player to figure out how to find things. 

There will still be characters to find, events requiring other events to see, and having to be at the right place at the right time to see them. Just you're not thrown into the world expected to pick up the bread crumbs there to know how to do things. You're given the tools to know how the systems to work, then thrown out there to find the bread crumbs with your bread crumb finder! Totally different.

Now with that being said and out the way, we're hoping to release at the normal time like we used to always do. Maybe a bit later, but we're trying. Though it's not with all the content found in the html version, it does have a chunky amount of new content of it's own, and along with the coming of old things, we'll be making sure there's even more new content surrounding it. 

We don't just want to release all the old content and say go at it. you already have. We want to have the old content at the certain of a bunch of new ones you have to sort through. After all, it's not fun having to get through a bunch of things you've already seen to get to the new stuff. But poor Azul can't keep doing this, no more engine changes having to restart is his main request, and I think we all at an agreement with that.

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Yay I was worried the game was dead so glad it's still active, take your time !!


thank god you're still updating us on everything


sounds like a lot of work, so don't burn out trying to literally remake a game in a month! Take your time where you need time taken. In my experience, a passion project doesn't last long without passion, so I always try to make sure I enjoy it


will you be reuploading this older ver of the game so when the overhaul dose come out we still have acces to whats currently up?  

Probably not, it's still in discussions about some things of it.


Take your time! Though my question is however, will there be a way to play the old versions of SBA at all? A lot of work did go into it after all and we can still play the other versions like redux and OG, so I would miss it personally.

Well, I guess if they don't take down the one on here, you'll still be able to play it.

The twine version of this is still downloadable, or should be somewhere on Azulookami's fur page, along with the other versions he made. Though talks about this one are still going about.

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we can wait any amount of time, games good enough for me to fine waiting any amount of time. Changing everything is bound to take time. Especially when it is quite literally EVERYTHING that needs to be updated. Plus your team is prolly stressed with it too so an important thing is to also not rush yourselves and take breaks! Y'all be safe and relaxed because patience is a good virtue more people have thanks to events in real life, So we can wait! and thanks for the update on this.