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Is it posible for this game to be on windows and android ?


Just wish was an easier way to go between the night and day.  Really hate that by a certain time, just seems like everything just ends.


I know this is a silly question and I know your making another game that is absolutely yummy. but when are we gonna get an update?  ;_;


Sewer passcode hints would’ve been better if we can check back with a certain rat’s store after getting hints so we wouldn’t have to roll back. OR ask someone in game for said information. Also consider the PM version of time as I would’ve assumed 4 is incorrect since PM for 4 is 16 when you can’t type AM or PM.

Don’t just leave it up to people having a save or google so we don’t feel stuck.

OH! AND the hints need to show up in my phone. I started screenshotting after my struggle with Mac’s code but I literally thought it was 6am and 6pm and that’s just woefully incorrect according to these comments. XD

Hi, I play first time and I played pass to event rat in sewer after that I couldn't find another event . I spent many hours😭. 

I  don't know where I made a mistake     Anyone have any advice? what to do next?  I don't know where to go next. I feel so lost

ps. I want  know the route Trald  anyone have some guids? 

Is this game still being worked on or did something happen to one or more of the people working on it? If something bad did happen, I hope things get better soon.

from my experience, i would say its still worked on, but it is also not unusual for this team to have loooong update pauses when they do some engine upgrade stuff as they tend to do that every so often and never seem to feel satisfied with the system they got.
You decide if that is good or bad news for you

If that's the case, it's better than it being abandoned then.  Was just a bit worried because of how quiet it's been.

Heard there was watersports in the game, where is it?

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How do you access the rats layer haven't found it yet

Im using the newgrounds version so if theres a difference let me know 

Does anyone know the password for the Mac's computer




Does anyone know the password for the sewer door I think I found all the clues but I still don't get it.

I don't remember exactly but it was related to the opening times of that lil' rat's shop. Was it 11:00 - 14:00, so 11001400? I'm on my phone so can't check it right now..


Close, 11000400


So after playing GameOver and Finding a Place, it's funny to see some characters appear in multiple games, makes it feel like a bigger game overall..

Especially by playing Finding a Place  first, makes this game a bit more interesting imo.. I'm looking forward to what is to come! (And maybe see Ritch make an appearance here as well)

Btw how do encounter the orc? I heard he's romancible?


Not in this version just yet. You can go on newgrounds and play the buggy version of sba and see him there.

Oh! thanks.. I might do that :)

Does anyone know if there are more sex scenes with Brass than just the one fisting scene when you're working for Boss?

Just the one right now.


seems like this game died like many of azu's games


Development news on Patreon/Disc


When is the final version going to be complete? Last I checked the game was supposed to be finished like a month or two ago

Something happened to the coder we were using so we switched to another and decided to just have them finish the engine and nothing else. It SHOULD be done in a few more months during fall.

Is there a android download for this vn ?

it got removed for some reason

There were issues making it work on renpy, but there will 100% be a phone version when the engine is done. We have it along with the html/web version working now.

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Any news? I really miss the ork


Still making the engine. He'll be ever present in chapter 3 along with his brother, and you'll even be able to meet his father.


Do anyone know what's Mac password I am stuck on that part 




Everyone looks so thin... or am I missing someone?  At least they got the kind of balls I like.

The characters look thin to you? Some are like Aero or the rats, but it's mainly bara.


Well to be honest I'm comparing them to the dad from Finding a Place.


Hi, I seem to be stuck at the sewer password door, any tips or hints?


This one was very tricky, but just like with Mac's passcode, once you figure it out the clues piece it together quite cleverly.

So during your investigations you learn that during the daylight hours the rats are operating out of stores owned by mice that sell mouse essence, and all open and close at the exact same time.

Is there any store in-game that checks all those boxes? Yes. Aero's Junk. Go to the Western District and make a note of the exact time of day his shop opens and when it closes. In this case, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. So the combination lock in the sewer is 11000400.

Did they have a sign out we could check whenever?  If so, I must have missed it.

No, you just need to explore/pass the time in the Western District and see when Aero's Junk is an available option to go to. Like, if you go in and choose to pass time by talking to Aero, he'll say afterwards that it's closing time and you'll go back out to the Western District at 4 PM.

Too bad I never saw daylight during the investigation.


Was there an update to the game? I saw that there was one in my feed but I don't see a devlog post.


Im also waiting, but I do not see anything yet. Lets hope so ya?


Oh yeah, don't fix the mobile version at all, just remove it and give up.  It's a lazy fix to an obvious problem. You said you were gonna swap to renpy and fix the issues and you didn't. Came here to try and give you game a second chance, but it's clear that it's not worth my time.


There will be a mobile version when the engine is finished. It's not completed and won't be for a few more months. Along with a html version. Unfortunately something happened to the coder we were with at the start of the year, so we had to change and decided to just complete the engine instead of doing it while we add in content.

in the old version of the game, how do you get both of the bad ends with Harold? I’m spamming the bar but I just get the same interactions with him.

You go tired and without eating, that's how most of the bad ends work, be sure to save beforehand because once you get it you won’t be able to roll back.

PD if you have any info on how to get Zorro's OK, so you can work for kuri it'll be extremely appreciated.

thanks, but how do you run out of energy?

Go days without sleep mostly, and probably engage in sex and vore.

You're saying the energy can last longer than 1 day?

I think so?, I don't really know for sure.

What happen to the game  ? where all the content go :o  the transformation stuff , the hyper and all ?
you totaly rebuild the game ?

All of it is coming back once the engine is complete. 

Unfortunately something happened to the coder we were with at the start of the year, so we had to change and decided to just complete the engine instead of doing it while we add in content.

You can play the buggy html version over on newgrounds

Will the browser version be back soon?

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Did he say he was bringing it back? I don't remember him saying anything about it.  Not that I'd be against it, it's just they went to another program, unless he said it somewhere and I'm living under a rock.  

edit: I just scrolled down, he said its gonna go back to freeroam or something, yay LOL


Yup^^ Chapter 3 you'll be able to explore once more. We made it like this while making the engine and put out content, but now we're just finishing the engine and content will come after it's done.

We will be having a html/web version up once the engine is completed. You can still play the buggy old version on newgrounds


I need help with the sewer code. I dont understand the clues for it at all. Any ideas or can someone help me?


Got the game a few days ago, and I love the goblins! Hope there's more opportunities to spend time with them. Kru as well.

Not only that, but you'll be seeing the goblins in a whole new light, instead of them all looking exactly the same once you get more intuned with your goblin side.

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Good game, but this is driving me insane:
While playing the Mac part, the game tells me that "If you were more knowledgeable than maybe you could have done something" TWICE.
I spent the last 30 minutes trying everything I could think of, but I have no clue what it IS.
Can anyone help me with this?

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If you're looking for the password, you can scroll down a bit and ctrl+f for it. If you're looking for a hint, he says his password everyday you can meet him.

Oh, I did get his password, that's the only way to meet with him and spend the night. At the end of this encounter is the first time you see "if only you knew more" which is the point of confusion.

What happened to the game? Why did it turn from an rpg into a visnov?


It was so that the coder and artists had time to make the engine and make all the art for renpy, next update it'll be back freeroam again.

wait your bringing back the other engine thing? I can't wait <3


When is the android version gonna be back. Or at least a browser version


They had setbacks. I don't know if they'll have anything soon. Maybe march or even april. They lost a coder and are currently lookin for a  cgs or something. so... ya.. its a bummer..

Out of curiosity, what program do you use to make this game?

renpy i believe. from what i was told its pretty easy to use. Im looking into making a game and thought about using it.

How do I get Rok to appear? It's stated that he'll be in the house at midnight, but when I'm in the house a 12:00am, there's no option.


So, ermm... There's a bit of a problem: I'm supposed to defeat a rat at night, but my character always runs out of energy one hour after nightfall, thus preventing me from finding that fight. I tried going to sleep at different times, but I always wake up at 6:00 AM, which means I always automatically collapse from exhaustion at 7/8:00 PM.

What am I supposed to do? Am I missing something, or is it just mechanically impossible due to how the game now works?


is there a guide? i'm stuck on the rat with a shop, where the goblins keep buying everything!


Already january and  still waiting andro version 😤, goddd howw i missed havin date with Blood and snuggling with my buddy i forgot his real name damn 😭

The html version is on newgrounds though still buggy.


First - happy new year!
Second - I have a question. Will it ever be possible to change our fur color? I would really like to see how Trald will react to a white fur.
And thank you for a wonderful game!

Sorry for the super late reply as we haven't been keeping up with the page. Eventually, yes, you'll have more unique transformations much later but that probably won't happen till a year after we finish the engine.


Did they remove the vore parts?

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So I emulated the game through joiplay and was able to play for a while but ran into the issue of not being able to access the phone through any of the controls 

how do I access the phone through joiplay or is it possible to do so in the first place 

And yes I did change the joiplay keybinds to P like it said to in the settings it did not work

I don't know what joiplay is but I'm on a laptop and how I access it is with right click


Nothing seems to continue story wise, I'm unable to beat the Rat and everybody just keeps repeating text. I did the 2nd code but now the story seems stuck


I am having the exact same thing. I seem to be getting to do side stuff like go jogging with Greg, talk to Gen in the gym, see different customers in Aero's shop, and stuff with Boss, but the main story isn't going any further

Is permanent growing removed from the game?

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